New Class Z License for Waterloo Landlord Bylaw – Kevin Baker Remax Twin City Realty

City of Waterloo Residential Rental Licensing Update – NEW CLASS Z LICENSE

The rental housing licensing by-law has been in effect for one year. City staff have reviewed the by-law for consistency and areas of improvement, and on Monday, August 12, Waterloo city council passed a motion to approve amendments to the by-law.

The amended by-law now includes an additional sixth class of license in order to appropriately capture residential rental units that are similar in nature to apartments but do not meet all aspects of the definition. The new Class Z license will capture rental units that meet two of the three criteria for being an apartment (having four or more dwelling units and being horizontally separated) but do not have an interior common hallway.

City staff have created this new class of residential license to allow properties without an interior common hallway to be licensed and meet safety standards – without having to meet specific bedroom or floor space standards. This amendment ensures consistency in application and enforcement of the by-law.

The application process and deadlines remain the same. Landlords can avoid long waits in line by applying for their license online at

To review the residential rental housing by-law in its entirety, please visit


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